Endless distractions make it nearly impossible to accomplish the things we say we want to achieve in our lives. Staying focused toward any goal or objective requires that we are specific with out intentions and consistent with our actions that support our intended outcomes. Our attention is constantly redirected with the endless feed of new information, opportunities to change your life, and the fear that we might miss out on something which is typically some short term gratification.

Yet there is a way to overcome such obstacles. That is through intentional consistency.

Do You Understanding Intention

It’s important that you understand what having a clear intention is before we get to far into this. Intention, in its purest form, is the driving force behind our actions. It’s the ‘why’ behind what we do. Now if you read my last post then you have hopefully develop your ‘personal why’. If not I encourage your to go back and ready that post.

When you are truly clear about your ‘why’ your ability to take intentional actions towards your desired outcomes will be tremendously easier as the why provides the motivation and purpose.

Consistency is the Art of Showing Up Everday

Now that we are clear about our intentions, consistency becomes the next component. Let me be very clear here consistency is not about being perfect. Let go of the desire for perfection because it doesn’t exist. Consistency is about the commitment to the process. It’s the act of showing up, day after day, irrespective of the results, simply because you committed to the process. If you have zero commitment you will struggle.

The power of consistency is evident when we look at experts in any field. It wasn’t just raw talent or luck that got them there; it was the repeated actions, day in and day out, compounded over time.

Unlimited Potential of Intentional Consistency

Having a clear intentions but lacking consistency is like having a destination with means of transportation to get there. Like was if you are being consistent without a clear intention, you are simply driving around aimlessly without a destination.

However when you combine the intentions which provide the clear directions, with your consistency of always moving forward, you are unlocking the a potential that will lead to the desired outcome you seek.

Obstacles are the Challenges You Want

Let’s be very clear there is no journey is that does not have its challenges. You’ll face moments of doubt, external pressures, and setbacks. If you have not just yet, don’t worry it’s coming. This is where your intentions will remind you of your ‘why’, and your consistency will serve as evidence of your past commitments, encouraging you to push through.

Making Them Work For You

To truly harness the power of intentional consistency:

  • Set clear intentions: Understand and regularly remind yourself of your ‘why’.
  • Commit to the process: Establish daily or weekly habits that align with your goals.
  • Track and celebrate small wins: Consistency is about progress, not perfection. Recognize the little achievements along the way.
  • Stay adaptable: While it’s important to remain consistent, it’s equally important to be adaptable. If something isn’t working, adjust your approach but stay true to your intention.

A Closing Thought

Their are endless possibilities that await you on your journey. The combination of intentional consistency will serve as your compass and engine. Let your intentions guide your path and allow consistency to propel you forward. Embracing these powerful components in your personal life philosophy can transform aspirations into achievements, making the journey not just purposeful but also fulfilling.

Photo by Lili Popper on Unsplash