This week I would like to share two examples so you can better understand the opportunities of what life could be like. Now these are not perfect examples but they should be enough to give you some understanding of where these posts are going to go over the next several weeks.

So do you ever feel like you’re always in motion moving along but not really getting anywhere? Almost as if you’re constantly reacting to life rather than actively shaping it? Even to this day as I close in on a year since I began journaling rather inconsistently and directionless at the start. I have developed a routine and process that I enjoy doing. I am running towards my life instead of trying to avoid it.

Let me clarify with two distinct examples for you.

Imagine this:
You wake up to the harsh blaring of your alarm, immediately stressed from the moment your day begins. Your morning is a frantic flurry, as you rush like a crazed lunatic to get ready, respond to emails and texts messages and somehow get ready to run out the door to start your day because well like most people your set your alarm with just enough time to get ready so you can rush out the door to get to work on time. Does that sound familiar to you? It is that way for many people I know and it was the case for me.

Now the stress goes up a notch from the drive because you need to get to work and you had just enough time to get there but of course you got the morning joy riders out in no rush going anywhere. They are literally driving 3 miles below the speed limit how dare they? You arrive to work, where you face an overwhelming list of tasks. You feel pulled in every direction, jumping from one task to another based on urgency, not importance. Your lunch is often a rushed, unhealthy affair, eaten at your desk amidst a barrage of emails. you literally do not stop. By the time your workday ends, you carry around this nagging feeling of dissatisfaction, feeling you haven’t accomplished anything meaningful.

In the evenings, despite your exhaustion, you struggle to find time for friends and family. You find yourself often cancelling social plans, too drained and stressed. You just want to relax. You know something isn’t quite right, that your life isn’t the way you want it to be. But how can you escape from this seemingly endless cycle of busyness and stress?

It is certainly an impressive accomplishment that you make it back to bed. An all those accomplishments that you do achieve during that day are often over looked because of how you feel about that system and it’s not great.

Now, imagine a different scenario:
You wake up a few minutes before your alarm rings, starting your day with a quick meditation that leaves you feeling centered and prepared for the day ahead. You spend some time journaling, setting out your goals for the day and prioritizing tasks. You have time for breakfast and even a quick workout. Yet leave for work a few minutes early because you understand that life has its curve balls.

Of course on this drive to work your stuck behind a school bus and of course it will be making 4 more stops before it turns off your path. You notice the silly kids waving and making faces at you on the back of the bus. You arrive to work, where you have a clear plan. You focus on one task at a time, giving it your full attention, which results in higher quality work. You even take regular, short breaks to stretch and refresh your mind, enhancing your overall productivity. Lunchtime becomes a welcome break in your day. You step away from your workspace to enjoy a balanced meal, returning to your afternoon tasks with renewed energy.

In the evening, you hit the gym for a quick workout that is if you didn’t make it part of your morning routine, and then the unwinding and recharging begins. Now comes the quality time with your loved ones, nurturing your relationships. You’re committed to maintaining regular contact with friends, even scheduling calls or meet-ups throughout your week. You reserve some time each evening for personal growth. It could be reading a book, taking an online course, or practicing a hobby.

Before bed, you review your day, acknowledging your achievements and noting areas for improvement because you enjoy living a fulfilled life. You also prepare for the following day, ensuring you sleep without the burden of tomorrow’s tasks.  Your life becomes fulfilling, not just full. Your days are not just filled with tasks, but also with activities that contribute to your personal and professional growth, your relationships, and your well-being.

Different are they not?
While the first and second scenarios might seem like worlds apart, the good news is that transitioning from the former to the latter is entirely possible. It involves being more intentional about how you live, planning, and making deliberate choices about your time and energy. That where it all begins with the choice. Look it’s not easy because it requires consistency. No a week, a month or even a year. It requires your entire lifetime to live a life that is fulfilling. A life on your terms.

You can strive for the life described in the second scenario – a life of balance, intention, and fulfillment. So if you are ready to make that shift? Start today by identifying one thing you’d like to change, and make a plan to bring about that change. Make it a small change that you know over time will have the an enormous impact. For me that was journaling my thoughts. It has been the greatest unlock and is the reason that this weekly blog post exists today. It’s the reason I share three social posts a day. That I hope inspire one person to begin the journal to improving the quality of their own life. None of what got me here was perfect, nor was I consistent at the start. If I missed a day I forgave myself and got back to it, I didn’t dwell on the misstep.

A final thought:
Journaling so frequently is what allow me to maintain the the conversation in my head about where I wanted life to go and stayed the course.
Remember, every journey starts with a first step and its okay if its wrong you are allowed to change course. Now that you have an understanding of the different possibilities go our and take that first small step. If you have any question feel free to reach out on social.

Next week we are going to dive into how to begin start to develop your own system or framework for designing the life that your excited to be living. I hope you have a wonderful week!