Navigating life can sometimes feel like steering a ship with no compass, where our attention acts as our guiding star. And there’s one quote that I feel captures this essence perfectly:

“You become what you give your attention to.” – Epictetus

This, to me, speaks volumes. It means that the very fabric of our lives is woven by what we choose to focus on. Are you one who can’t wait for those Friday nights? Well, I’d bet that Mondays might not be your favorite.” And if your every conversation revolves around work, that’s probably where your heart is.

Guarding Our Most Precious Asset

I’m often thinking about at how our most valuable resource, attention, is so easily handed over. Social media, movies, games – they all beckon, and we often answer without thinking. Now, if that’s how you relax or find joy, that’s perfectly alright. I’m not here to judge. But it’s worth reflecting upon: where is your attention truly going or maybe even not going?

Here’s something I often tell people: “Positive or Negative, the meaning you choose to give to life’s moments is always your choice.” Think about it. Who better understands the experiences in your mind than you?

Crafting My Personal Journey (And Helping You Find Yours)

Life throws curve-balls; not every experience is rosy. Yet, choosing to stay mired in the negative isn’t the way either, wouldn’t you agree?

I’ve made conscious decisions about where my attention goes: my family, my joy for writing and journaling, ensuring I stay healthy, and the goal to positively influence those around me. These core values act as my shield against distractions and negativity. They’re integral to my journey, sculpted by my past and targets for the future.

What about you? What anchors you? A question that might help: When you’re 100 years old, what will still matter to you? For me, it’s family, writing, health, and impact.

Once you’ve found that answer, it’s your roadmap. And then comes the best part: charting your journey.

Your Life, Your Story

This journey of life? It’s uniquely yours. Embrace it. Relish in the good moments, learn from the hiccups, and always, always move forward. And hey, as you walk this path, pen down your tales or maybe you, like being in front of the camera, so create those documentaries. Your story is worth telling simply because it is yours.

I hope you have an extraordinary week.

Photo by Paul Skorupskas on Unsplash